February 2015
  • oscars
    Who are this year’s Oscar Winners?

    We all did our best in watching all the nominated films before awards day… Tempo extends a congratulations to all Oscar winners and nominations! Do you think they deserved the

  • Sasha head turned
    Living with Dogs Again

    By Alma Kadragic   The German Shepherd in the photo is Sasha. She’s not my dog – she’s a dog I met when I sat down for a sandwich and

  • Imagination
    The Blog: Are you the next Iconic Author?

    …Master Gallacher’s guide to being a trainee Iconic-Author-in-Waiting… ye’re welcome… By Seumas Gallacher …p’raps a huge piece of tongue in a large cheek, this post, but bear with it… yeez

  • FullSizeRender
    Respect and Freedom of Expression

    By Marien Oomen In my family there was much importance given to letter writing, whether it was to our grandparents, aunts or siblings. ‘Please write just two lines to show

  • storytelling-night
    The Power of Storytelling

    By Shaheer Akbar         Storytelling has been utilized as the driving force of developing series such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Sure, anyone can make up a fantasy

January 2015

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