JULY 2014
  • EC-34R2-2
    Tips for Being Eco-Friendly This Summer

    Watch your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly! The push toward sustainability is now. Sitting by idly or twiddling your thumbs is not the way to go about it. Get proactive

  • Collage
    July 2014: Tempo SkillMarket

    The Tempo SkillMarket promotes the creative community. Showcasing artists, designers, creators, developers, writers, performers and filmmakers. 1. Matthew Brace, 46, British 21 years experience in: Writing & Editing | Corporate

  • couple-walking-beach-sunset
    Abu Dhabi Dames: A Poem

    ABU DHABI DAMES   You see us here, you see us there In cars so big, it must make you stare, Provided by our husbands dear, His way of showing

  • businessman-and-transparency-sheet-blank
    Transparency – Symbol of Sustainability

    You may ask how ‘transparency’ is relevant to sustainability. Miriam Webster defines transparency as “free from pretence or deceit; easily detected or seen; readily understood, and characterized by visibility or

  • km
    Annyeong! First Korean Film Shot in UAE

    We’ve heard of the Fast and Furious being shot here, as well as Star Wars, The Bold and the Beautiful and various Bollywood movies as well. But Korean?? That’s right

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