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HYBE Enters Global Publishing Deal with Flint


HYBE is entering the world of gaming, inking a deal with developer Flint for their upcoming multiplayer online game Dragon Blaze 2: Knights of Veda, according to an official announcement during the G-Star 2022 annual game festival.

HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk made the announcement during the event, saying: “Gaming is a very attractive form of content which compactly holds all of the factors of entertainment,” says Bang. “Through the game business, HYBE will be able to provide its customers with a newer, more fun, and more diverse pass-time.”

The merging of gaming and creators, particularly music content creators is impossible to ignore.

“HYBE’s game business will evolve in (its) own unique way, fusing with its other projects and strengthening the value of the entertainment business,” he adds. “We will achieve innovation in the game business, just as we have in the music (industry).”

“Although HYBE’s artist IPs are important properties (to the company), we will try to showcase games that do not use them,” explains HYBE IM CEO Jeong Woo-yong. The subsidiary signed a publishing deal in September with game developer Macovill. “We are currently developing one new game that is based on artists and music, and we are planning to launch two new Macovill games next year.”


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