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bad bunny bad bunny


The lawsuit that was filed in 2021 by AOM Music, Inc. that claims “Safaera” contained music from DJ Playero’s Playero mixtapes—specifically referencing “Besa Tu...

EMI North EMI North


Universal Music Group’s EMI Records has officially announced the launch of a brand new label in northern Leeds in Yorkshire, United Kingdom called EMI...

SoundHound SoundHound


SoundHound is struggling to grow and now the company is reportedly laying off staff as a part of their downsizing process, according to three...

tempo planet news tempo planet news


Hip hop superstar Flo Rida has been awarded close to $83 million by a Florida jury in his breach of contract lawsuit against energy...

ticketmaster ticketmaster


The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hold their first hearing to address the “Ticketmaster debacle” on January 24th following the Taylor Swift incident...

amazon music amazon music


Amazon is reportedly set to raise prices for it’s Amazon Music Unlimited services for non-Prime subscribers located in Japan, with those changes reportedly going...

Anghami Anghami


Anghami, the Mena-focused rival to Spotify, will be joining a number of tech companies in executing mass layoffs and is now a potential acquisition...

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